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The Beauty Spot Rainbow Edition Brush Collection is the ideal set of cosmetic brushes for beginners to professionals allowing everyone to create multiple looks.


This brush set includes 22 brushes all with high quality, soft and dense superior synthetic fibers.

The bristles retain the powder and keep the skin soft and comfortable. The brushes boast beautifully shaped wooden handles that fit to the curve of your hand.

This set features foundation, powder, blush, crease, smudge, liner, and shadow brushes, as well as a giant fan brush ideal for cleaning up fallout or adding finishing powder and highlight.

This set includes the following brushes:

1. Flat Buffer

2. Angle Brush

3. Powder Brush 

4. Large Fan

5. Tapered Powder

6. Foundation

7. Large Blender

8. Pointed Precision

9. Medium Shadow

10. Large Shadow

11. Medium Blender

12. Angled Shadow

13. Tapered Blending

14. Small Blending

15. Concealer

16. Pointed Blending

17. Small Fan

18. Dome Shadow

19. Detail Shadow

20. Detail Concealer

21. Lip

22. Contour Brush

Beauty Spot Rainbow Edition Brush Collection ~ Complete

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